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    Step on them, touch them, put tiles on the table and examine and decide.

  • Bathroom Product Examples

    Dream Baths has just about everything included in a luxury bath room upgrade.

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    Respected vendor displays; easy to access samples.

  • Bathroom Layout Ideas

    Wander the Dream Baths Showroom and be Inspired.

  • Glass Showers & Marble Counters

    Glass & Marble, a modern luxurious look.

  • Start Your Day Off Right!

    The Dream Baths Showroom has everything you need to make getting up in the morning a breeze!

  • Elegant Designs

    Marble, quartz, and granite are a few of the elegant materials you will be able to select.

  • Mirror, Mirror On Your Wall!

    The Dream Bath Showroom has many mirrors with elegant and unique frames that pair perfectly with any bathroom design!

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    The Dream Baths Showroom is more than happy to assist you in making your dream bathroom come true even without an appointment!

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    The Dream Baths designers will work with you to decide on the best fit designs.

  • Unique Shower Tiles

    From tiles to stones the options are endless at The Dream Baths Remodeling Showroom!

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    Until you meet with a Dream Baths Designer you may not even realize how you can remodel your shower.

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    From free-standing tubs to built-in spas, this showroom has everything you need to complete your relaxing escape.

  • Bathroom Appliances

    The Dream Baths Remodeling Showroom has appliances that are best fit for your home.

  • Bathroom Lighting

    Whether you want a natural light for your bath or enjoy a bright LED light, Dream Baths showroom has all the options you need.

  • Mounted Lighting

    There are so many mounted lights to choose from!

  • Pendant Lighting

    The Dream Baths showroom has a wide arrangement of Hanging lights that go perfectly with almost any bath design.

  • Imagine Your Dream Bathroom

    The Dream Baths Remodeling Showroom is set up to help you see what your bathroom remodel is going to look like.

  • The Small Details

    Deciding on small details for your bathroom design can be difficult . That's why the Dream Baths designers are here to help you.

  • Unique Bathroom Designs

    Every bathroom design is unique to the rest of a home. Whether you're looking to remodel a small bath or master bath, Dream Baths has the designers you'll want to meet!

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    Renovations to your home can improve your quality of life and the equity value of your home.

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    Dream Baths certified bathroom designers are here to help you complete the bath of your dreams.

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    Your shower experience is an intimate part of your daily existence. Make it the best part.

  • His & Hers

    Not simply for the power couple, personal space makes for personal connections.

  • Bath Remodeling Pictures

    We have fully designed bathrooms on display at our Columbus Showroom

  • Bathroom Lighting

    Lighting is something that needs to be seen. See varieties of lights, styles and designs at our Columbus bathroom remodel showroom.

  • You Can Have This.

    Our bathroom designers create experiences that most of us can not imagine. Schedule a free consultation.

  • Remodel a Small Bathroom

    In tight space it's best to have a bathroom designer create the remodel of a small bathroom.

  • Knobs, Handles, & Pulls Galore

    Dream Baths Showroom has every type of handle and pull you might consider using to complete the look of your room.

  • Layouts & Furniture

    You've made it. Now Live it. Come see it. Love it.

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    You can schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our bathroom remodel designers.

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    Variety, colors, designs, choices make our bathroom showroom the best way to personalize your bathroom remodel.

  • Mirrors & Glass

    Are you a glass sink person? What color? What design? Come talk with people who live create some of the best bathrooms in Columbus.

  • Imagine.

    And what you can not imagine our bathroom designers can design and virtually render on a computer for you to see.

  • More Images

    All Bathroom Showroom Columbus Ohio

    Dream Baths by Kitchen Kraft is proud to announce the grand opening of our all bathroom showroom in Columbus, Ohio.  Our luxury all-bathroom showroom is the only complete bathroom showroom in the Columbus, Ohio area completely dedicated to bathroom furnishing, products, and designs. From bathroom light displays, tiles, sinks, and tubs to unique charming decor, the bathroom showroom by Dream Baths holds everything you need to help you visualize and take the first steps to having the luxury bathroom of your dreams.

    Showcasing Luxury Bathroom Fixtures

    Visiting our Columbus bathroom showroom you may see some of these extra design features:

    • Fully automated functions available when using the iPad3 as a remote to control lighting, thermostat, door locks, mechanized cabinet doors, and more!
    • Installations of beautiful bath elements for your home, like cabinetry with many different styles and finishes, crown molding, and soft close mechanisms for door and drawers. See samples of granite and other countertop materials, tile, flooring materials, and even a beautiful selection of cabinet hardware.

    Walk-ins Welcome at our Columbus Bathroom Showroom!

    bathroom showroom columbusStop into our bathroom showroom anytime for a showcase of all the latest and greatest in bathroom design! Here, you can touch, see and behold in-person all the technology, furniture, installations, paint, tile, and more that there is to transform your bathroom into the best it can be!

    Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

    Or, schedule a free in-home consultation to have one of our certified bathroom designers visit your home to take measurements of your bathroom and discuss your bathroom remodel vision and plans.

    After one of our designers have met with you to take measurements and discuss the bathroom area to be upgraded, we’ll schedule time together at our bathroom showroom in Columbus. The showroom showcases designs and products available for your bathroom remodel. The showroom is sectioned into multiple areas for all parts of a bathroom making it easy to view products for every part of the bathroom design.


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    Make Dreambaths your luxury bathroom remodeling partner. Our award-winning bathroom designers work with you to design your dream bath, our technical team makes a virtual rendering of the design, and once approved our professional installers provide unparalleled craftsmanship and care for your home. We provide a free in-home consultation. We look forward to helping you Live The Dream.