Bathroom Electric Mirrors And Television Mirrors

An elegant, lighted mirror that also serves as a mounted television. Simply brilliant. Featured in many of the world’s finest hotels, the modern luxuries of electric mirrors and television mirrors are now becoming much desired – and more readily available – for the luxury home bath.

Dimmable, Lighted Vanity Mirror

With a chic band of frosted light, your bathroom’s vanity mirror never looked so good! Options include beautiful frames, available in various finishes to compliment your bath’s elegant design. The option of one-touch technology allows you to control dimming by a…

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Quick Guide to Bathroom Speakers and Sound Systems

Many things in your home’s bath create the perfect setup for music. The acoustics, the alone time, getting ready in the morning or unwinding at night; whether you’re singing in the shower to the jams or relaxing in the tub to your favorite chill-out playlist, it’s known that people love music in the bath. After all, if Spotify has created a playlist for it, it must be true, right? Needless to say, many people are including bathroom speakers and sound systems on their list when picturing their ideal luxury bathroom. Dream Baths walks you through…

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3 Reasons Why You Need A Towel Warmer In Your Bathroom Right Now

So you’ve heard about these magnificent things called towel warmers. Your bathroom has been yearning for them, but you’re not so convinced. No worries. We’re here to help. In this article Dream Baths will help you discover exactly why you need a towel warmer in your bathroom right now!


Luxurious Warm Towels In Your Bathroom

Towel warmers come in a variety of types, designs and prices to fit all your personal preferences. Match your bathroom’s decor with sleek, ornamental, or classic designs and finishes. Go with a wall…

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Picking The Best Shower Head For Your Bathroom

Today’s bathroom has more shower head options than ever before. With the many different types of shower heads available, you can find one to suit any personal preference. Here, Dream Baths will give you a brief rundown of the types of shower heads and considerations to keep in mind while selecting a new shower head for your bathroom remodel.

Types Of Shower Heads

Shower heads can be mounted in a few different ways, and have specific categories for various applications.

Top Mounted Shower Heads– Usually mounted from a ceiling…

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Vanity Designs


Bathroom cabinets are referred to as vanities, and there are many different styles to choose from.  Find the vanity style best suited for your theme, storage needs, and space restrictions.  Let’s go over a few different vanity designs for your consideration.

Furniture Vanity Design

Usually free-standing with open space on right and left of the vanity.  Furniture vanities are usually more of a traditional style; however, in recent years we have seen a large increase in contemporary and transitional furniture vanities.  You can have open shelving below the furniture vanity, you can…

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Why You Need Heated Floors Before Winter

heated flooring

Stop dreading the cold tile of your bathroom after your morning shower and learn how heated bathroom flooring can help you get through the cold Columbus, Ohio Winter months.

Extend Your Home’s Comfort

Heated flooring provides partitioned heating to a specific portion of the house, your bathroom, one of the colder rooms in the house. Provide warm comfort when your family wakes up and after showers to create a luxurious home; it’s these touches that turn a nice home into a luxury home.

Cost Effective Heated Floors

How much does heating flooring…

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5 Kid-Friendly Bathroom Ideas

Kid friendly bathroom

When it comes to home improvement, one of the biggest things to consider is the functionality of your rooms, especially the bathroom. As you plan ahead for family and children who will roam the house, having a kid-friendly bathroom is a must. Dream Baths is here to help you create a safe yet stylish bathroom design!

Ouch! Regulating Hot Water

To keep small children from burning themselves when they’re bathing or washing their hands, parents can install anti-scald devices on faucets and shower heads. These devices will control temperatures by limiting…

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The Most Advanced Toilet Ever Built


Tired of your bathroom’s boring toilet that doesn’t play music, have an app, have temperature controlled water?  The Koehler NUMI is Koehler’s most advanced toilet. This toilet marks a new standard of excellence in the bathroom.

Special Features: Automatic cover/heated seat- Motion Activated cover and seat react with your movement when you enter and leave a room. The seat is warmed to a comfort level. Music and sound control- Play your favorite music, FM radio stations, podcasts and more. Deodorizer- Air is pulled from the bowl and cleaned. Automatic…

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6 Great Ideas To Improve The Functionality Of Your Bath

Master Bath Tub, Standing Shower, Glass Door, Bathroom Window, Light Tile

Are you tired of the same old boring bathroom that isn’t as functional as you would like? Are you planning a bathroom remodel and need help with ideas on how to get the most out of the space you have? Here is a list of 6 bathroom design tips to help you with your questions and also assist in making choices when it comes to remodeling or updating your bathroom.

1. Wall Storage Space

Especially great for smaller bathrooms, fixing cabinetry to your walls such as a floating vanity can cut…

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Updating The Master Bath

master bath

Is your master bath beginning to feel cluttered or worn out? Been there! With a little imagination, there is so much you can do to revive the look of a room. With a little touch-up, you can make your master bath a relaxing retreat with decorating and design ideas from our certified expert designers.

   Revive Your Room With Pattern!

Time to get rid of the old tile and paint and go crazy with your bathroom design! How so? With varying pieces of tile, you can create a beautiful tile pattern…

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